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Al Shiba General Trading a Company in corporated since 1986 with its main mission to provide cost effective world class KONI shock absorbers in the UAE to ensure complete customer satisfaction. And also Al Shiba General Trading is the sole agent and distributor of KONI shock absorbers in the UAE. The objective of setting the organization here in the UAE is to cater to the global market in an effective way, taking into consideration of it being a central commercial hub of the present times. Since our inception we have successfully catered to countries in the Gulf, Middle East last 9 years.

Authorised Dealer

Al Shiba General Trading is the Authorized distributor of KONI Suspensions, KING SPRINGS, PROFENDER Supensions, TOUGH DOG Suspensions, BORLA Exhaust , Super Pro Suspensions Bushes, K&N Performance Air Filters, FALCON PILOT Tracking Receiver & BS PLANET - GPS Tracking Receiver. An having the quality products for the manufacture of cars accessories which have very wide acceptance in global market especially in the Middle East for providing high quality products at competitive pricing and adherence to delivery schedule.

Marketing Strategies

Al Shiba General Trading is organized with a strong marketing team to cater the vibrant UAE market and has its reach and recognition in all its potential client countries Our company has a well furnished show room in Ras Al Khor Industrial Area, Dubai, UAE for marketing its products to the local retailers and its overseas client who come to visit us directly. The Company plans to open retail outlets in all the major emirates of the UAE within a short span, as well plan to build up a strong network throughout the Gulf region.

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