With the number of automobiles on the road increasing day by day, it is important that everything related to them must be filtered to have a healthy and environment-friendly atmosphere on the road. Even though there are many parts of an automobile that regulate this, car filters do the job perfectly.

Car filters are very essential for the smooth functioning of a car. It filters and eliminates the external and internal impurities in the oils, fluids, fuel, air, etc. There are basically four types of air filters – Air filters, oil filters, cabin air filters, and fuel filters.

Air Filter

Engine air filters clean the air that enters the engine for combustion. These air filters are made of different types of materials like paper, foam, cotton, etc. The working condition of air filters depend on their material, and a good air filter ensures that the air ging inside the engine is free from pollutants and other foreign particles. This way, combustion will take place effectively by consuming only the required amount of fuel.

The life span of these air filters depends upon the places where you drive your car. If you take it to dusty roads more often, you will have to clean the air filters regularly. Anyway, it is recommended to replace the air filters every year. Driving with a clogged filter can be more harmful than driving with no filter at all.

Oil Filters

There are metal particles that block the flow of oil and fluids, which further affects the efficiency of automobiles and damage the engines severely. Oil filters eliminate these particles and provide a safe and long life for the engine parts. Even though new cars feature better quality oil filters, it is always recommended to change the filter every time the oil is changed. Oil change should be done every two years in new cars and every year in old cars.

Cabin Air Filters

Different from other filters that ensure the health of the vehicle, cabin air filters for cars and other automobiles ensure the health and comfort of the passengers inside. They restrict dust and other floating particles in the air from entering inside the vehicle cabin. Cabin air filters thus make the interiors clean and comfortable for a long journey. It is ideal to change cabin filters once a year for normal users. If you regularly travel through dusty or muddy roads, you may have to change or clean them more often.

Fuel Filters

Fuel filters work differently for petrol and diesel vehicles. For petrol-powered vehicles, the filter eliminates all the impurities from the fuel before it reaches the engine. In diesel vehicles, the filters remove water and prevent the corrosion of the metal parts of the engine. Fuel filters are essential for the smooth and effective functioning of the vehicle to improve its mileage and other engine-related features. They should be cleaned or changed whenever you take the car to the workshop for maintenance.

If you own a car, it is important that all the safety and health measures should be looked after. Apart from how you drive and the road safety measures you take, you should make sure that the engine efficiency and the quality of the air inside the vehicle are the best so that no journey ever seems tiring.