Have you ever felt that knowing your car better would have helped you in many instances? Well, this is somewhat true. Most people love to ride cars but are not aware of the functions that its different parts function.

Knowing your car parts is very important as you will have a basic idea about its functioning. Apart from this, you will not be fooled by those mechanics who try to take advantage of any situation with your car. The following are some of the basic car parts you should be aware of.


The battery is a very important part. It transforms chemical energy to electrical energy, to start the vehicle and also to turn on other electrical appliances in the vehicle. In most cars, the battery will be under the hood, with a ‘+’ and ‘-’ symbol. In case you have to jump-start the vehicle, you should connect the red clamp of the jumper cable to the ‘+’ part and the black clamp to the ‘-’ part.


An alternator cooperates with the battery to provide electrical power to the vehicle. When the vehicle moves, the alternator will use the mechanical energy created to recharge the battery. Overcharging from the alternator may create problems with the battery.


Axles are connected to the wheels to support the vehicle’s weight, transfer power, and assist the steering system. Modern vehicles come with a split axle, where each wheel is connected to an independent shaft, which makes driving and the ride smooth and comfortable. Axles transfer the power from the engine to the wheels. Loud clunking noises and vibrations to the car when you turn or brake means that the axles are to be checked.


The braking system consists of different parts like the brake pedal, caliper, pad, rotor, and light switch. Brake calipers will be located behind a wheel at the front or back of the car. Brake pads are also located here and will get worn out after a long time of use. Screeching and squealing noises while braking indicates that the brake pads are to be replaced. Brake fluids provide the pressure needed to slow or stop the vehicle. The brake rotor is located alongside the pad and caliper. As they are subjected to immense heat every time you break, they fall apart gradually. This is when you need to replace them in pairs.


It is located near the engine under the hood as it cools down the engine to prevent overheating. It needs to have the required amount of engine coolant to cool the engine. The hot air from the engine travels across the liquid in the radiator and gets cooled. This air is then given out from the vehicle.

Shock Absorbers

They are an important part of your car’s suspension system. Located under the car frame, they absorb the energy and shock while going through uneven roads, and prevent it from getting to the car frame. Thus, you can drive smoothly through uneven surfaces or bumps. You may connect with reliable suppliers of car parts in Dubai to know when to replace the shock absorbers.


The muffler is a significant part of your car’s exhaust system. It keeps the exhaust system quiet when you drive. Located between the engine in the front and the tailpipe in the back, a muffler should be checked and replaced when the exhaust sound gets higher.


It contains a set of gears that change based on the driver’s speed. In a manual transmission, the driver shifts the gear with the help of a gearing