BS Planet revolutionizes the field of falconry introducing the brand new on the market, the only, the radio locator - more powerful GPS the World for BS3401 hawks! A product that will revolutionize the industry from the start of falconry and habits of falconers !!

LOCALIZER BS3401 TRAKER GPS FALCON : Technical feature of the transmitter BS401TR: • Transmitter dimensions: 44x18x14 mm • Transmitter weight: about 14 gr. • Internal lithium polymer battery without memory effect • up to 200 hours autonomy • Waterproof: IP67 • 3 years warranty Made In Italy. Part # BS3401KIT GPS FALCON RECEIVER + 1 pc of Transmitter EVOMAP WI-FI = AED 8,500.00 ( Each ) Part # BS401TR - GPS FALCON TRANSMITTER = AED 3,000.00 ( Each )
No sim card No telephone network coverage No internet No use of smart phones or tablets No interference between transmitters rice Is the great distances over 100 km in the open space Is a very detailed offline map integrated It is a revolutionary radio-GPS location system It is to Android systems and integrated Wi-Fi Is the absolute precision - maximum error below 5 meters It is the small size Is light weight: only 14 grams It is to made in Italy!