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KONI Heavy Track RAID Shocks for PRADO 120/150 - FJ CRUISER 2003-2016

KONI Heavy Track RAID Shocks for PRADO 120/150 - FJ CRUISER 2003-2016

Heavy Track RAID
KONI has years of experience in developing heavy duty dampers (for among others buses, trucks and military applications) used to design a damper that is specifically targeted at the extreme Off-Roader. This resulted in the KONI Heavy Track RAID dampers. These dampers have a robust oversized construction. They make use of oversized dimensions and components. They are welded around and gaskets / seals can withstand very high temperatures.
Whether driving in the desert, the jungle or the Arctic, the RAID dampers have proven their value many times. Not for nothing they are the choice of Rallye teams, service vehicles and globetrotters with durability, robustness and safety are paramount.

Twin-tube technology

The outer wall is of no less than 2.5mm thick steel. This allows the damper function can be secured, even when the wall is deformed by an impact.
oil reservoir Large bore (70mm)
Doubled oil capacity ensures better cooling components
The components and eyes are robust and made from one piece.All components are welded all around (360 °)

Special heat-resistant gaskets
Tuning Severability
Outward damping force is adjustable for better alignment with the suspension / axle load active protection
In almost all cases, the outward stroke is hydraulically limited
At the inward stroke bump rubber provides added security with a big impact


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