Safe driving is not only about obeying road safety measures and driving at normal speeds. The various parts of the complex automobile mechanism also have great significance in providing you with a safe and smooth driving experience. A sway bar link is one such part that serves this purpose.

Also known as a stabilizer bar, the sway bar is a durable tubular steel piece that connects both sides of the front or rear suspension system. Sway bark links connect the two ends of the sway bar to the suspension system. Even though the length of sway bar links may vary depending upon the make of the car, they are generally four to six inches long. They are attached perpendicular to the sway bars, designed with a small ball joint at each end. Good quality sway bars are only available in reliable car spare parts shops in Dubai.

Sway bar links prevent the leaning of a car to one side when it takes a sharp turn on the road. This way, body rolls and other kinds of accidents are avoided. We will have a look at the importance of the sway bar and its links in the car’s suspension system.

Hold Both The Wheels on the Same Level

An important reason for the car to body roll while turning is the alignment of the wheels. Sway bar links ensure that both wheels are on the same level in all situations. They help the wheel to adapt to the road irregularities and holds them on the same level whether they raise or lower the height. Apart from preventing body rolls, sway bar links also normalize the downward pressure and keep the wheels at the normal height after a turn.

Easy And Smooth Turns

The purpose of a sway bar only comes into play when a vehicle makes a turn while driving. During the turn, the vehicle will automatically lean to the other side of the turn. Now, the sway bar links apply force on both ends of the suspension. While one link goes upwards, the other one goes downwards. This maintains the level of the car’s body and also keeps the wheels at the same height. Thus, you will be able to take smooth and safe turns even if they seem sharp.

Keeps The Vehicle’s Body Flat

Apart from driving safety, sway bar links also ensure a smooth and comfortable journey to the ones in the car. If the car does not have an efficient sway bar link, the car’s body will easily lean to one side while taking a turn. While driving through uneven or zig-zag roads, this body movement can really kill your comfort. The sway bar links will ensure that the body is kept flat as it is, by minimizing the movement of the car’s suspension.

Creates a Hugging Effect

A hugging effect is basically the effect created by a sway bar when it forces the vehicle down to the wheels. Here, the entire car body will come closer to the wheels when the car turns. This will make sure that the wheels are stabilized and there is no chance for a body roll even during sharp turns. This is the same reason why off-road drivers disconnect sway bars in their driving adventures, to make the wheels more flexible through uneven surfaces. You may contact reliable suppliers of car stabilizer links in Dubai to know more about the hugging effect.

Even though sway barks and their links are durable, they are more prone to wear and tear due to the purpose they serve. The symptoms of damaged sway bar or links include clunking sounds from the wheel, poor steering control, the car’s body leaning to one side, etc. In order to ensure safety, you must check on the sway bar links and replace them immediately.