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40349 -Borla Pro Xs Muffler – Single In – Two Way Out


Brand: Borla

Part# Product Type Inlet/Outlet Configuration Shape Tubing Size Case Size 40349 Muffler Center/Dual Oval 3″ In, Dual 2.5″ Out 19″ x 4″ x 9.5″

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The BORLA® ProXS™ Mufflers (formerly called BORLA® Turbo Mufflers) utilize a straight-through design; we do not use chambers or baffles that slow down the flow of exhaust. As such, every one of our universal mufflers are reversible. A center-in/offset-out muffler can also be installed as offset-in/center-out. The same holds true for our center-in/dual-out mufflers.

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