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Tough Dog Transmission Spacer Nissan Patrol Y60-61


Product Model: ,Patrol SWB -2 Door ( 4.2L /4.5L / 4.8L ),Patrol Y60,Patrol Y61
Product Make: Nissan
Brand: Tough Dog

Part # TDSP-004/2 –

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TDSP-004/2 x 1


Designed to reduce tail shaft angle and remove driveline vibration that arises from an out-of-phase drivetrain. The universal joints in a vehicle’s tail shaft must operate at the same angle to operate harmoniously. If the angle of one universal joint is different to the other, or the universal joints are forced to operate on an angle larger that within tolerance, the resulting vibration can be felt through the vehicle when driven. To restore the universal joints to harmony, Tough Dog spacer kits are available for vehicles that commonly suffer from vibration.