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Tough Dog Steering Stabilizer – 9 Adjustable for Nissan Patrol Y61 2002 -2021


Product Model: Patrol Y61
Product Make: Nissan
Brand: Tough Dog

Superb road handling characteristics · 35mm bore for heavy-duty use · Eliminate shimmy · 2 Year/40,000 km warranty · Large range to suit most 4WD applications · 2 Year/40,000km warranty for 0 – 100mm lift applications (conditions apply) · 1 Year/20,000km warranty 100mm+ lift applications (conditions apply)

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Part# SV-5617

‘SV’ adjustable damper is the only one of its kind to offer users the ability to adjust the damping force to suite driving style and vehicle requirements. It is especially effective on vehicles with oversized wheels, or increased wheel track that experience steering shimmy. The damping force is adjusted until the wheel shake is ‘tuned’ out of the equation. Let’s face it, every vehicle is different, and even small factors like tyre wear can affect the overall performance of the steering. With the SV unit, those factors are no longer a problem because a change in steering feel is just a dial turn away. SV dampers are available for most vehicles up to 50mm suspension lift, and for some vehicles up to 150mm of lift.

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