Automobiles are made of complex components that need regular checkups and maintenance to ensure their efficiency. These components offer a variety of functions ranging from safety on the road to comfortable driving.

The control arm bushing is an important part of the suspension unit of a vehicle. It connects the car frame and the front suspension of the vehicle. It is designed to absorb the shock when the vehicle is going through irregular surfaces or bumps. The arm bushing usually consists of an inner metal sleeve connected by a central rod to the vehicle frame and an outer sleeve connected to the wheel assembly by the control arm. A rubber bush provides the lubrication for these sleeves to move independently. The control arm bushing goes bad when this rubber bush wears out.

Even though bad control arm bushing may not directly affect your safety, it can kill your comfortable driving experience. As driving experience also has an effect on road safety, you must take special care to identify the defect. Here are some of the symptoms with which you can confirm a bad control arm bushing.

Poor Responsiveness In Steering

Reduced responsiveness and stability of the steering are one of the most common symptoms of bad control arm bushing. Driving at high speeds, you may see that the vehicle wanders on the road slightly. You may also feel a steering and wheel vibration. The vehicle may also lean to a certain degree in sharp turns.

A Surprising Improvement in Breaking Power

A sudden improvement in the braking system can be due to a bad control arm bushing. Even though sharp brakes are a good thing, sometimes this may happen because the forward and backward vibration of the control arm does not happen when brakes are applied. In such cases, the vehicle will stop suddenly. You may further know about the braking effects of bad control arms from the suppliers of car parts in Dubai.

A Clunking Sound

As we have discussed, control arm bushing is designed to absorb shock and provide a comfortable driving experience. But with bad control arms, you will be hearing clunking sounds while turning or reversing your vehicle. Thus, you will have a highly uncomfortable driving experience thinking that you broke something in the engine. Apart from this, this clunking sound will also be an annoyance to you and your fellow passengers throughout the journey.

Backward Movement on Acceleration

The control arm bushing should be checked if there is a backward movement for the vehicle during acceleration. This backward movement is generally noticed in the rear end of the vehicle. There may also be a shake to the steering while reversing or turning the vehicle.

Uneven Wearing of Tires

Tires of vehicles with a good control arm bushing will have an even and equal wear pattern that deserves no suspicion. But if the control arm bushing is damaged, wear may only be on the inside or outside of the tires, or in specific parts that are different from normal tire wears. This may be due to the irregularity of vehicle movement due to bad control arms.

A bad control arm bushing can ruin the overall driving experience and also develop a sense of danger while driving through irregular surfaces. Thus, to ensure the well-being of you and your vehicle, make sure that you respond to bad control arm bushing immediately.